GREENER HACKS #7 Energy Saving Tips From Greener Housing Solutions August 25 2015


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  1. Save money by keeping your window blinds, shades and curtains closed. During the winter, you can prevent the cold air from seeping into your home, so you reduce the amount of energy it takes to reheat your house. In the summer, you can prevent the hot sun from making it too hot indoors, so you reduce the amount of air conditioning that you need.
  2. During the hot months, use a slow cooker to cook your meals. It cooks foods slowly and it doesn’t heat your house, so you won’t have to pump up your air conditioning. Likewise, you should use your oven to make baked meals in the winter, since you can heat the house and cook your meal at the same time.
  3. Microwave everything. And, if you can’t cook your food in the microwave, try using the toaster oven. Both use a lot less electricity than your kitchen oven, so you’ll save money every time you use it.
  4. When you cook meals in the oven, double your recipe. Instead of roasting one chicken, roast two and use the second for chicken salad or cold cuts. When you make meat loaf, make two or three batches, so you can freeze the rest. Then, when you are too busy to cook, you can simply pull it out of the freezer and you have a quick meal in minutes.
  5. Whenever possible, wash your clothes in cool water instead of hot water. Warming the water in your hot water heater requires extra electricity, so using cool water reduces the excess spending. Remember, though, that there are times that you will need to use hot water. Just choose wisely.
  6. Also choose when to hang your clothes dry. Electric dryers require a lot of electricity, and you can significantly reduce your electric bill by hanging clothes dry. In winter dry your clothes inside on a clothes horse near your heater. You stay warm as well as drying your clothes
  7. Have your air conditioning and heating unit checked yearly. When your unit is operating correctly and is clean, you will save money since it is operating efficiently.