What a Tier 1 Solar PV Panel Mean? - The Truth November 13 2015

Bloomberg New Energy Finance developed the tiering system for PV module makers based on only bankability.

Q: So what does bankability really mean?

A: Definition of bankability:



acceptable for processing by a bank :

bankable checks and money orders.


considered powerful, prestigious, or stable enough to ensureprofitability:

Without bankable stars the film script aroused no interest.


Q: How do the PV Manufactures achieve this?


  1. Creative advertising
  2. Hard sales in the market place
  3. Higher gross profits

As you can see the tier process has nothing to do with production, the panel ability, structural integrity or design and installation.

It’s purely based on how much money the manufacture is prepared to pour into advertising and you the consumer pay for this.

In saying all of this, there are some tier 1 labelled panels that are also excellent solar power producers but warning, there are also some substandard one as well.

You will see a lot of different PV Panels on the market and most will be labelled tier 2 purely because they do not waisted their money in high pressured sales. Once again in saying this there is also many substandard PV panel producers in this category as well.

Q: But how do I know which PV Panel is right for me?


  1. Be confident with the business that you are dealing with regarding their recommendations and installations
  2. Use a business that is CEC Accredited and not just one that is a CEC member. Anyone can be a CEC Member, even you!
  3. Talk to the CEC Accredited designer/installer and not the sales person. Sales people are usually on commission based income and have only had a crash course on solar power with basic knowledge but you will find they have the gift of the gab. To become CEC Accredited, it takes a lot of study and every year the CEC accredited designer and installer has to prove they have achieved 100 points to show they are keeping up with their education and current technologies in Solar PV. If they don’t they will lose their accreditation.
  4. If you are looking for personalised service, ensure that the business you are engaging for your solar power installation is based totally in your relevant state and the owner/director of the business holds the licences. You don’t want to have to track down the employee or sub contractor that is no longer working for them to honour your warranty.


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