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Solar Power

SMA Reliable Inverters November 09 2016



Easily Produce and Use Your Own Energy

Your PV system produces inexpensive electricity just for you. Use what you need and feed the rest into the utility grid. 

With SMA inverters, communication solutions and our comprehensive range of services, you can be sure that your PV system will produce as much solar power as possible.

That pays off for you: You consume approximately a third of your self-generated solar power and will therefore be more independent from increasing electricity prices. As a result, you can save several hundred dollars per year.

In addition, with our innovative communication solutions you can monitor your PV system around the clock, control your electricity consumption and compare notes with other PV system operators.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • You save electricity costs
  • You make yourself more independent from rising electricity prices
  • You can keep track of your electricity consumption, which gives you an overview and helps you save energy and money
  • You can increase the value of your property and protect the environment
  • You can upgrade your PV system at any time by adding storage or integrating additional targeted loads.



Greener Housing Solutions is South Australia's No 1 Solar Power Designers, Installers and Electricians.

For a Obligation FREE Quote call Greener Housing Solutions on 84497627 or our afterhours mobile 0438417497 or simply submit your details below and we will do all the work for your



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Australia's leading Sungrow Inverters November 09 2016


Sungrow inverters are one of Greener Housing Solutions most popular inverter but we would not recommend this inverter for everyone or every home/business and that is why it is very important to have your solar power system designed by a CEC Accredited Designer. Greener Housing Solutions owner and founder Darren English is fully qualified and CEC Accredited. Darren designs ALL Greener Housing Solutions solar power installations himself to ensure the highest quality and best production is met every time.

In 2011, it raced up the rankings by 12 positions to reach number 5 and last year was ranked the number 3 supplier of solar inverters in terms of global shipments.  Sungrow is China's largest string inverter manufacturer and over 3,000 megawatts capacity of its products are installed globally.  Now in 2016 the Sungrow inverter has our ranked the SMA and alike inverters, making Sungrow the leading inverter in Australia

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Renxian Cao, Sungrow has 1000 employees, 30% of whom are research and development engineers.     

All Sungrow units offering high efficiency and outstanding quality for inverters in this price range; leading respected industry publication Photon International to comment that a Sungrow solar inverter model it reviewed could rub shoulders with the best of the inverters it had tested to date.  

With optimized components and striking, robust design; SunGrow inverters are constructed to withstand Australian conditions.    

Listed on the Shenzen stock exchange; Sungrow has an office and warehouse in Australia.

Greener Housing Solutions, South Australia's No 1 Solar Power Installers, Designers and Electricians


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SunGrow beats SMA August 17 2015

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How to Pay May 29 2015

How to get your solar power system today!

  1. Complete our online contact form and have one of our consultant’s call you back to lock in a price. Or simply give us a call yourself on 84497627.
  2. Once you have your price sorted, you then make a 10% deposit by MasterCard, Visa, Direct Deposit or cash. Your final balance will be payable on installation


Alternatively, you can pay the remaining balance with a payment plan.

Try a 0% Interest Payment Plan

  • Minimum spend applies
  • Monthly payments required

Use any of these GE cards when making a 0% Interest Payment Plan purchase, or apply for a Gem Visa card today.


If you don’t have one of these cards then you can apply online in the comfort of your own home! or Call Greener Housing Solutions on 84497627 and we can organise it for you.

If you would like to apply yourself, all you need to do is follow these simple steps..

Step 1..

Lock in your quote: Complete our online contact form and have one of our consultant’s call you back to lock in a price. Or simply give us a call yourself on 84497627.

Step 2..

Step 3..

Once you have been approved call Greener Housing Solutions and we will lock your interest free terms in for you

It’s that easy!!


Available on Solar Power Installations only

Conditions: Minimum spend $1000.

Monthly payments must be made during the promotional period. Paying only the minimum monthly payment will not pay out the purchase before the end of the plan.

Interest and payments are payable after the interest free period expires. A $99 annual fee applies for Gem Visa. This notice is given under the Gem Visa Conditions of Use (as applicable), which specify all other conditions for this offer. Also available to GE CreditLine, GO MasterCard and Buyer’s Edge customers. Other conditions, fees and charges apply, see product websites for details. Credit is provided by GE Capital Finance Australia (ABN 42 008 583 588), Australian Credit Licence number 392145, trading as GE Money.

Greener Housing Solutions Helping Secure Your Future January 09 2015



Not only is Solar Power installed by Greener Housing Solutions for your Home or Business financially rewarding but you are also helping secure our planets future. Climate Change due to Green House Admissions is real and YOU CAN make a difference