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At Greener Housing Solutions we specialise in air conditioning installation and air conditioning repairs in Adelaide. Our experienced electricians provide an outstanding service that is second to none. Our specialty is the popular ecoflo Wall Mounted Units, which are the most economical and energy efficient way of heating and cooling. With their stylish, slim and elegant design they compliment any interior décor. They also have a range of features and benefits including Turbo Comfortable Functions, Follow me remote control option, Anti Corrosion, Vitamin C Filter and much more

As you can see heating & cooling eats up a large 29% of the average South Australians electricity consumption but by using a Greener Housing Solutions ecoflo split systems your energy consumption will be greatly reduced. Talk to Greener Housing Solutions about this type of air conditioning installation and start saving. 

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What is an inverter?

At Greener Housing Solutions we are always looking for an economical alternative for households to use. This is why we stock ecoflo inverter air conditioners. Ecoflo inverter air conditioners use new, advanced technology to operate in a more economical manner. Compared to conventional units they are quieter to run, reach the desired temperature faster, handle greater extremes in temperature and are smoother and more stable in operation.

Inverter control

The inverter component allows the model to reach 30% more operating efficiency, compared to conventional models. It works by allowing the outdoor unit to change its speed and output so it can match the desired capacity of the indoor unit. This feature makes it much cheaper to run than other models. 

Comfort and Stability

The comfort and stability of air conditioners is generally affected by variables including, the number of people in the room and room temperature. To match the load, the ecoflo system stabilises its output at the optimum setting, within the range from maximum to minimum. 

High Efficiency Technology

The DC twin rotary compressor, DC inverter control and DC fan motor technologies cause the machine to generate at a significantly higher efficiency. 

Powerful Operation

Upon start up, the air conditioners are designed to function at maximum capacity and airflow. This makes sure the set point temperature is reached as quickly as possible.

Comfort Airflow

Powerful floor level heating is achieved through 'strong vertical air flow'. Unlike other systems, occupants do not experience cold air blown directly at them but instead there is a 'healthy horizontal air flow'.

Air Conditioner Filter Features

The growth of bacteria is prevented by the filter, which contains catechin that absorbs the various bacteria. Fine particles and dust in the air that are too small to see, like tobacco smoke and plant pollen, are also cleaned using the standard air clean filter which emits static electricity.

Super Quiet

A quiet fan mode as well as three other fan speeds are a feature of all Fujitsu wall mounted units. Dependent on the installation environment, users can select the quiet mode, which in some indoor units can operate as low as 21dbA.

Economy Operation

The ecoflo wall mounted units also has an energy saving setting called, Economy Operation. The setting limits the maximum energy usage of the air conditioner by setting the temperature of the indoor unit to change by 1°C intervals.

To find out more about our air conditioning installations and air conditioning repairs in Adelaide, call Greener Housing Solutions on (08) 8449 7627 now for your obligation free quote.