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Affordable Solar Panels in Adelaide
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Providing green, solar energy solutions in Adelaide for over 10 years!

At Greener Housing Solutions we are dedicated to delivering the benefits of solar energy to Adelaide homes. Improving household efficiency and reducing running costs is our primary area of expertise. We pride ourselves on providing complete, professional products and services tailored to your home. Whether it's solar power systems, rainwater tanks, heating and cooling, LED lights, electrical or solar panel cleaning, the team at Greener Housing Solutions can help you.

As Australians, we should be making the most of living in sunny conditions. With Australia being the sunniest continent on the Earth, it would be mad not to take advantage of our natural energy. By simply using the sunshine, you receive energy that is more free and cleaner. In addition making the switch to solar gives you the chance to save and earn money. With household electricity bills tipped to rise by 40% having your own solar system will save you lots of money. You also have the potential to earn money by feeding the power back into the grid.

Greener Housing Solutions only uses the best quality products that are backed by the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers. We understand that each Australian home is different and we celebrate these differences by custom making each of our products to fit every home and style. You can be rest assured that our attention to detail and customer service are of the highest quality and standards. We will treat your home like it is our own!  Ask about our interest free payment options.