Solar Power Repairs
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Affordable Solar Panels in Adelaide
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Solar Power Repairs

Have You Got a Solar Power System that is not working? 

Is your inverter showing an error code or just not working at all?

Are you worried that your system is not producing what you thought it would?

Have you just received an unusually big electricity bill?

Unfortunately the Solar Power industry has seen its fair share of fly by night installers. Greener Housing Solutions receives calls on a daily basis from people in Adelaide that are either concerned that their systems are not producing as they should or systems that are just not working and their installer is no longer around. Greener Housing Solutions is dedicated to assisting South Australians in getting their systems back up and running and when we are able even taking on the warranty even though we did not do the installation. Don't  feel you have no place to go because Greener Housing Solutions can and will help you!

Greener Housing Solutions has been installing and serving solar power systems in Adelaide South Australia for over 10 years. We have been helping South Australians get there systems up and going again even if we did not do the original installation. We have the expertise to identify the problem and provide the necessary solutions and remedy action. We have been helping South Australians with all types of issues get back on track with their solar power systems.