Micro Inverters
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Micro Inverters

Why Micro Inverters?

Micro inverters are the next-generation of solar system technology. Whereas the far more prolific, conventional systems have only 1 centralised inverter for the entire solar panel array, micro inverter systems couple a micro inverter with each solar panel. Systems that use micro inverters have a number of potential advantages over conventional systems in terms of system design flexibility and system power yields. Accordingly, such systems are growing in popularity, numbers, and affordability.

Micro Inverters will offer you

  • Greater flexibility if you are wanting to have the panels split over more than 2 different roof aspects
  • Excellent options for shading issues
  • Like most standard inverters, micros come with online monitoring but with greater capabilities. A standard Inverter can monitor the whole system production where as a micro inverter system can monitor each panel
  • Each Micro inverter runs as low voltage where as a standard inverter run at higher voltage and in a true sense a safer system
  • Longer warranty period
  • If you ever have a problem with part of your system you will only ever really be down by 1 to 2 panels, where as a standard system you will be down by the whole system