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Our Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

If you're thinking of investing in rainwater tanks in Adelaide, let Greener Housing Solutions help you. Rainwater tanks are no longer just huge, round and ugly; they come in all shapes and sizes to suit the urban and suburban home. Watering the garden and washing the car with rainwater makes sense and cuts your consumption of mains water, making it free to use whenever you choose. Bigger savings can even be made if you connect the tank to your laundry and toilet. Now with the Government's helpful rebates, there are even more savings for you.

 New Home Rainwater Tanks Obligations in Adelaide

Since the 1st of July 2006 in South Australia, building rules have required new dwellings (and some extensions or alterations) to have an additional water supply to supplement the mains water. The additional water supply has to be plumbed to a toilet, to a water heater or to all cold water outlets in the laundry of a new home. The same rules will apply to new extensions or alterations where the area of the extension or alteration is greater than 50m2 and includes a toilet, water heater or laundry cold water outlet. Click 'HERE' for more information 

Rainwater Tank Rebates in Adelaide

Make the most of your rainwater tanks in Adelaide by cashing in on the current Government rebate. By purchasing a new, stand alone rainwater tank with a capacity of 1000 litres or more that is not connected to household plumbing, you can apply for up to $200. Terms and conditions do apply and applications need to be submitted.

Now has never been a better time to invest in rainwater tanks in Adelaide, with water bills increasing in the financial year. On May 27 2013, Adelaide Now reported that water bills are set to increase by 2.4 per cent to an average $1270 next financial year. This is despite the pricing regulator ordering a 3.4 per cent cut

FAQ about our Rainwater Tanks
How much space will I need for my rainwater tank?

The larger the space you have, the more options you have regarding size, shape etc. However, if space is an issue there are still solutions. For example, a slimline rainwater tank is the perfect addition to your home and will still collect a lot of water.

What will the rainwater tank be used for?

You may want to use your rainwater tank for outside use (watering the garden, car washing etc) or for indoor use (washing machine, flushing the toilet) or even for both. Once you have decided upon the usage, the decision on what size rainwater tank you require will be much easier. What size tank do I need? General recommendations are a minimum 2000L rainwater tank for toilet flushing and watering a small garden area and a minimum 5000L rainwater tank for domestic purposes (e.g. toilet flushing, washing clothes, watering gardens and car washing). How much water can I catch? An average house has a roof area of approximately 160 m2. Assume that 50% of this roof area can be easily connected to a rainwater tank, i.e. 80 m2. Each m2 of roof area collect 1L of water for every 1mm of rainfall received. If you have 10 mms of rain, the water collected by the tank is 800L (80 m2 x 10 mm = 800 L).

Rainwater Benefits for the Garden

Rainwater contains a lot of dissolved nitrogen in it. Nitrogen is a very important mineral for plants because it is involved in many physiological processes within the plant. Nitrogen gets into rain droplets in the atmosphere every time lightning sears through the air and water vapours. Lightning brings about a reaction of nitrogen with water, resulting in a weak acid. This is very important for plants because they cannot take nitrogen from air but depend on the soil. 

There is no higher quality sourcof water available to use than rainwater. Unlike water captured in dams which requires an extensive treatment process to ensure a quality fit for human consumption, rainwater collected on roofs and stored appropriately represents a sustainable source of water ideal for use inside and outside the home. By using rainwater for toilet flushing, laundry and garden use alone, it can reduce mains water requirements of a typical household by 70%. If hot water systems are supplied with rain water, this reduction can be as high as 85%! If you would like to find out more about our rainwater tanks in Adelaide, call Greener Housing Solutions now for your obligation free quote.

If you would like to find out more about our Rainwater Tanks service in Adelaide, please contact Greener Housing Solutions on (08) 8449 7627 for an obligation free quote