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Affordable Solar Panels in Adelaide
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Solar Power Adelaide


Greener Housing Solutions specialises in complete Solar Power Services  for Commercial and Residential properties all over South Australia






Start Living Free Now With Greener Housing Solution Solar Power Adelaide 

Australia is the sunniest continent on the Earth. When you use solar power in Adelaide and all over Australia, you receive more free, cleaner energy to your home than an other part of the world. In addition you have the ability to send excess power back to the grid, giving your household more $$$ in the bank; all worked by our big BEAUTIFUL sun.

Greener Housing Solutions uses various different types of products when it comes to solar power because not every house is the same and not all requirements are the same. These are just a few of our products but please call us if you are looking for something different.





Standard Inverters...




Micro Inverters...

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Battery Backup...





New Installations

All of Greener Housing Solutions Solar installations are designed by Darren English who is the owner of Greener Housing Solutions. Darren is fully licensed, CEC Accredited with over 10 years of experience 

If you live in the Adelaide City Council area, you maybe eligible for a further rebate. Click on the below Adelaide City Council logo for more information

Adding On To Your Solar Power System

Lifestyles and energy requirements are constantly changing in today’s modern living and sometimes the original system you installed is now not enough to cover your electricity bill. Greener Housing Solutions Adelaide has you covered. We have the design and installation knowledge to be able to offer all options to upgrade without wasting your original solar power investment. We know the latest technologies in solar power which enables us to deliver the best options based on your requirements and needs.

Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters will offer you

  • Greater flexibility if you are wanting to have the panels split over more than 2 different roof aspects
  • Excellent options for shading issues
  • Like most standard inverters, micros come with online monitoring but with greater capabilities. A standard Inverter can monitor the whole system production where as a micro inverter system can monitor each to every second panel
  • Each Micro inverter runs as low voltage where as a standard inverter run at higher voltage
  • Longer warranty period
  • If you ever have a problem with part of your system you will only ever really be down by 1 to 2 panels, where as a standard system you will be down by the whole system




The price for micro inverters is higher than a standard inverter system but in some cases it’s well and truly worth it!

Battery Back-up

Even if you are not thinking of buying battery Back-up just yet. Greener Housing Solutions installs all our systems with battery back-up in mind. So your current investment does not need to change when and if you decide to go battery back-up. If you would like to know more about battery back-up we invite your to either call us on (08)84497627 or go to our online contact form found on the right hand side of this page or if you are on a mobile device keep scrolling down.

Broken Down & Servicing of Solar Power Systems

Unfortunately the Solar Power industry has seen its fair share of fly by night installers. Greener Housing Solutions receives calls on a daily basis from people in Adelaide saying their installer is no longer around and they are either concerned that their systems are not producing as they should or systems that are just not working at all. Greener Housing Solutions is dedicated to assisting South Australians in getting their systems back up and running and when we are able we will take over certain parts of the warranty even though we did not do the installation. Don't  feel you have no place to go because Greener Housing Solutions can and will help you!

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