Thermal Imaging
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Thermal Imaging

All electrical equipment and components are subject to deterioration. The service of Thermal Imaging can detect potentially serious faults before they have a chance to develop. A survey of an electrical installation will reveal in seconds any abnormal component temperatures preceding equipment failure. In many cases this allows for instant fault diagnosis and be brought to our client’s attention immediately. Greener Housing Solutions can identify the problem and provide the necessary solutions and remedial action if required


A comprehensive thermal imaging scan will detect and pinpoint any hot spots in the system before a costly failure occurs.  More often than not, the scan will detect problems that you can fix during scheduled downtimes.  This will enable your power system to operate at maximum efficiency, while also improving the reliability and cost-efficiency of the system. Beyond that, staying on top of potential problems also improves the safety of your people.  Most practitioners support that infrared inspections of electrical equipment should be performed annually. In some cases, insurance companies require annual thermal imaging as part of the policy compliance.

Greener Housing Solutions also uses thermal imaging to fast track fault finding in solar power systems so you know that you are getting the right attention at the right price.

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