9000L Round Tall Poly Tank
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Round 9,000L Tall Poly Tank



Product Information

 Manufactured from food grade polyethylene and UV stabilised against the harsh Australian conditions these tanks comply with AS207- and AS/NZS 4020 standards.

Tank includes manhole cover, inlet strainer, overflow screen and elbow.

Capacity: 9000L (2000gallons)

Dimensions: 2570mm diameter x 2502mm total height

Dimensions may vary slightly  

Colour Chart


Refer below to find out how to best prepare for delivery of your new tank. 


 DELIVERY CHECKLIST (for tanks 9000 litres or greater)
 1. Delivery Site/Access free from overhead obstructions (e.g. Overhanging tree branches or power lines) 7 metres high
 2. Sufficient parking and turning area for the truck and trailer (30 metres long, 7 metres high and 5 metres wide)
 3. Ground surface flat, firm and dry to avoid the truck or trailer sinking or shifting during delivery
 4. Identify and Advise Hills Water of any hazardous or unsafe work environment conditions on site


For occupational health and safety reasons there must be a sufficient number of adult, able bodied persons available to assist the driver with delivery of your tank (refer table below. Customers should also be aware that insufficient labour on site may delay delivery or incur additional delivery costs.



(excluding delivery driver)

Litres  Gallons 
 1 person  9000 litres  2000 gallons
 2 people  13,500  litres  3000  gallons
 3 people  22,000 - 27,000  litres  5000 - 6000  gallons
 4 people  36,400 - 40950  litres  10,000 - 11,000  gallons